Full-time gutter cleaning...?

Chris Ashurst

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Wondered if someone with experience could answer a couple of questions regarding starting a gutter cleaning business...
I understand that gutter cleaning is usually an add on to a window cleaning round, and that it's fairly seasonal, often with pressure washing added during the warmer months. I understand that having all 3 running alongside each other is the best way to earn money. However, being awkward I was wondering if it were possible to do just gutter cleaning and get work year round with good marketing?
I don't need to earn a fortune, but is a couple of jobs a week during the warmer months possible? ...or would it be like pressure washing is during the colder months with no work?

Also, I was thinking of getting the Interceptor vac from Spinnaclean.
Is this currently the best kit for the job?

Any help here is much appreciated

Jacob Ward

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@Dan Paton will have a good insight

What I would say is its very popular after autumn, then focus on jetwashing in spring. Utilize your window cleaning customers and make them aware of your other services

I'm on a week of commercial Gutters this week.
Definitely a good earner


Andy Brown

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I wonder if someone minds giving me any info on costs. I have a commercial client that is looking to have 10 sites cleaned. Each site has at least 100 to 150 MTRS of guttering. Thanks in advance.

Alan Peters

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Probably would be trickle fed for the big part of the year, with the usual leaf/moss problem bringing you the most work in, but if your name gets around through "word of mouth" and some marketing as the go to guy for this type of work, then you could generate enough to maybe set you up for a larger part of the year.

Trevor Acheson

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Bought a gutter vac as another service as carpet & upholstery cleaning with me has being really slow this year even with a lot of advertising. Hoping the carpet & upholstery picks up quickly as we approach spring time. In the meantime have been getting a bit of work with the Gutter Vac to keep things ticking over in the meantime