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Oh Boy, why me Lord?

So I answer the phone on Thursday, "Hi, I need my lounge freshened up, how soon can you do it"?

After a few questions, I give her an estimate, "Oh, it's not really that bad, it just needs a freshen up, & it has to be done before Saturday".

I manage to book it in for Friday.

Get there, find the key & let myself in, then decide to give her a call & a revised price.

"That much? But it only needs a freshen up & you quoted me $$$"

Sorry, but this needs more than a freshen up & I gave you an estimate that was to be confirmed when I inspected the furniture. Look, if the price is too much, I recommend you get XYZ to clean it.

"NO, I've used them before & never will again, look just do it, I need it for tomorrow"

Why does this remind me of Alby?? :lol:

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