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Furniture repair?

Mark Sutcliffe

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I'm looking to book on with Judy to top up my leather knowledge,

Does anyone know of any places that offer re-upholstery or repair training?

Thinking of a total change of direction of my business. More towards sofa repair/renovation

Daniel Darlow

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Mark, Upholstery is another ball game. To know all the bits and bobs that takes an apprentice 5 odd years to start from is something that you really need to think about. It is NOT just material and a staple gun I assure you. Even though I have been around upholstery for 50 years and have dabbled in a few recovery type jobs it is NOT something I would take on......without massive training.
There are upholstery courses all around the country, it is not a quick fix course, Ministry of Upholstery is one, they are not cheap. Have a look at there website.
I seriously would go to Judy's course and look at what you can do with Leather repair and restoration.
I have turned my job round 360 degrees with what I used to do and have not regretted one minute.
Upholstery is a Plumbers, electrical job, if you get my drift
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Mark Sutcliffe

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Just been on ministry of upholstery.. 40 day course for 2.5 grand...

that said if it turns out well.. something for me to look into so thank you..

I've got to sort out when i can get on Judy's course. get the full kit etc and hopefully start again... I'm fairly certain my current supplier has stopped supplying ... For me it's only a part time job, but i've said to my wife that leather will always be the base of my new direction.
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