New Fusion 8 Special Spotter

Nick Robertson-Vousden

Solution World of Clean

adrian marsh

I guess this will fit in the range somewhere, but if you keep bringing out these spotters I'm going to need a bigger spotting bag / case.

So Nick, when would we use this instead of normal Fabric 8? Is it the same formulation or mixed differently? Can we use it as though it was just diluted Fabric 8 or......what?

Lee Breen

Cleantalk Member
I like it Nick, but if I'm honest I have only been using it as an assistant to the other spotters. When I have a spot that will not give up its last little bit I then apply Fabric 8 spotter just to help my current spotter that I'm using just break into that fibre a little bit more and voilà job done.

When I get a spare hour I'm going to make up a sample of various stains and use the Fabric 8 spotter only on them to see how it performs as a standalone spotter, and from what I have seen so far I have high hopes for it:thumbup:

Ken Wainwright

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Nick introduced me to Fusion 8 Special Spotter last month when we were running the training course.

I was impressed.

No, I was very impressed.

The speed at which it dealt with our red wine tester stains was amazing. I've also used it on unidentified stains and it keeps on "winning the day":thumbup: So far, it's proving to be even better than Micro Spotter.

Safe and happy spotting:goodday:

Andrew Bines

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I had great success today with Fabric 8 the little draft marks from the use of a kicker on a white bedroom carpet, tried it against a couple of other products and it was far more efficient.