LTT Leather

Got there in the end!

Nathan Gale

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Nathan: looks great. If you don't mind me asking. What did you charge?
Hi Colin,
Originally I quoted £90 for the 2 small scuffing and peeling marks on the front of the arm. Then when I had it at home and lightly sanded half the cushion showed extensive wear which would have just followed suit. So I let the customer decide between £90 for what we agreed or £120 and since I had it I’ll get all the top arm done.
of course it shouldn’t have taken that long. With time and experience it’s probably about an hour job but given my first time with all new equipment it took abit longer. Glad to be rid of it now! 😂

Mark Sutcliffe

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It's great once you get the knack of it. I do insurance work and charge between 80 and 120 per "job". Its all racked up and ready for me every saturday morning and I normally manage about 4 jobs a saturday (dry times are used to work on another). The company loves me going down as I just get on with it and also help their upholsterer and sofa cleaners out.