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Greasy arms on leather sofa

Stephen Kellett

Cleantalk Member
Hi guys cleaned carpets this morning & customer asked if I cleaned leather, I said no but said I would ask a professional for advise, both arms & head rest greasy, thanks.

Joe Hatton

Cleantalker Veteran
Why not give Judy at LTT a call. She could advise someone in the locality who could give a professional understanding of how to sort your customers problems. I respectfully suggest it is not something your customer should try to do hoping it might look better but no worse. And if you were to try and fail then you could be the owner of a leather chair you never wanted.

Alby Gill

Cleantalk Member
Depending on how much grease and type of leather it can certainly look worse.
grease cannot be removed by cleaning only, and more often than not, even with using specialist products to remove the grease, restoration work is also required.
I agree with Joe, contact LTT who can sell you the de greaser and advise.