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Hi All,

I don't know if i could pick your brain or maybe you may be of help as am new to the forum on cleantalk. Am starting a carpet cleaning company and I believe or assume there should be a folder kept in the van containing the followings;

1 Health & Safety Manual and procedures
2 Site information/ cleaning specification/ Equipment register
3 Risk assessment
4. Method Statement
5. COSHH Assesment

I guess it will be nice to have a folder containing this information just incase I take up a job from a private homeowner who is interested in this documentation, as you know you never know who your customer is going to be ( I may be lucky to have a customer who is head of H&S in a company or local council) ofcourse you know they pay attention to details and are more curious about H&S related issues . Apparently, I will need to provide them with the folder to read through so they are rest assured about the service we are offering and how we also put H&S in the centre of all we do.

I don't know if you have some of this itemized informations above where I can adapt/customize them to my specifications ? or maybe a site where I can find some of this informations please ?

This are some of the question I wanted to ask on the forum but I guess am still trying to navigate my way round the site User Interface initially

Thank you for your help - Your input will be much appreciated

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Addie :welcome:

In reply to your p.m. I was going to say....

Post here and start your own thread

Not only will you possibly get everything you need and the answers supplied.

But others can learn from this thread !

MayI also reccomend the search bar at the top right.

I use it as do many others to find some little "jems"

Do you mind me asking why this industry and where you came from in employment ?

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That is pretty much my reply to the PM that I received


The last three on your list are specific to individual jobs.

What you should have in the folder is the Material Safety Data Sheets for every product that you have on the van.

Ken Wainwright

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My understanding is that you do not require a written Health and Safety Policy for fewer than 5 employees

Site information/ cleaning specification/ Equipment register : The first two will vary from job to job and, again as far as I am aware, there is no need to have written documents with you. As for Equipment Register, never heard of it.

Risk Assessment will be different for each job. A template version will never cover every hazard of every job. Simple to do.

Method Statement is more or less a procedure statement but includes the actual products that you are using on that specific job. Sometimes a client, especially commercial, will request this.

You've missed out SDS. This is a legal requirement to carry with you in your van for every product on board. Keep in the office too. Most suppliers have all of their SDS available online, if not, they are legally obliged to supply them to you within (I think) 2 weeks. previously known as MSDS

COSHH is something you complete yourself and keep with the SDS sheets. Review at regular intervals.

Lots of information, advice and templates available online at the Health and Safety Executive website where you will need to check any information given here as being accurate and up to date

If you attend our Carpet Cleaning Training Course, we supply a Flashdrive containing many H&S documents and links.

Safe and happy cleaning:smile:

Mark Roberts.

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Carrying a sds isn't a legal requirement for the user, you only need to produce/supply one if you yourself are classed as a supplier

Under coshh you should at least have read the sds and know what you using and how it may affect others/yourself. It's all basic common sense really, if in doubt or in an accident phone Nick, that's the emergency number on the worldofclean sds

The only time you ever need to write something out is if a client (usually commercial) specifically asks for it. Having a basic understanding of coshh is enough, unless you employ people


Transportation of dangerous goods, again unless you carry over 333kg/1000L of product you are normally exempt unless its plutonium or something else not exempt. If over that you would need van stickers, fire extinguishers, sds and possibly a police escort etc :rolleyes: