Hands Up!

John Bolton

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It's not loaded, but.....


Hands up all who would like to get their hands on one of these!

Ken Harris

Pressure wash gun by the look of it. A special stubby model. Should be good for removal of grafetti from walls, and for washing the van with a suitable high pressure pump to power it.I'm sure it has other uses as well, though using it to rob a bank is probably not one of them.

John Bolton

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For those fortunate enough to own a Scorpion, this is the ideal solution to applying pre-spray.

I have never felt that the other units designed to apply hot pre-spray using the pump of an HWE machine offer accurate dilution rates over a range of pressures.

This device neatly gets over this objection. The pick-up hose of the Scorpion either sits in the solution tank or simply lifts out so that it can be dropped into a truck-mounted tank. It works equally well dropped into a bucket when I temporarily wish to use a different solution without draining the machine tank.

So what happens is that you dilute you pre-spray to exactly the ratio you wish to use, put it in any suitable container and drop in the pick-up hose from the scorpion. You then simply plug the gun into the solution line and you have an electric sprayer (hot if required) that will spray at whatever the pump pressure is set to.

In two seconds the pick-up hose can be dropped back into the solution tank to start extraction rinsing.

Those not having a Scorpion could still make use of the gun either by putting the pre-spray into the solution tank (not really practical) or use a spotting machine to provide the pumping.

Ed Valentine

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Many sincere Thanks, to Mr. John Bolton, for showing this built-in feature.

If I may say in honest, that this is just "another innovation" (first introduced in 1978, btw) that this system offers in regards to making the Professionals job a little easier.

Once again, John has always been on the forefront in our wonderful Industry.

Good Fortune Gents;
Ed Valentine

John Bolton

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I did not want to mention the Hydroforce by name but it is the4 uncertainty of precise dilution rates of this sprayer that I was referring to.

Mick Halliday

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Sorry John, teach me to read more carefully, missed that part.

I must agree about the hydraforce not being totally reliable but most of the time they are adequate, concidering the ease of use they provide, with a stop :censored: within seconds you can fit it and be pre-spraying.

the biggest problem I have is when I've set it down for awhile to move furniture and the solution turns to steam at the T/m, then I don't think for a while the hydraforce the suck out the concentrate.

Ken Wainwright

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This looks like an interesting accessory if you have a suitable HWE machine.

IMO, the Hydroforce/Spraymaster type of kit, whilst great for most detergent pre-sprays, didn't prove too successful for me with micro-splitters. I found that they delivered far too much water/product which was negating one of the strengths of M/S. even with the smallest (03) recommended jet, it was still too great a volume. I ended up using a conventional sprayer which turned out to be ideal.

The new sprayer accessory above appears to have all angles covered, and may, perhaps, even be suitable for spraying protector if it has Viton seals.

The only downside I can see over a stand alone sprayer is that if you have a multi-tech crew, you will need to stop wanding whilst the pre-spray facility is used. Work on your own and there's no problem.

Safe and happy cleaning :smile:

Ron King

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whilst no longer at the for front i remember using this or similar in the usa many years ago we actually used it for a different prupose effectivley in short blast noy on carpets or similar but on funny enough on car white wall tyres and the ali which ere poor then wheels it gave fast blats at a short precise and very acurate hit worked well but itend to think i used it with von scrader equippment or simmilar utensil...also was very handy in crime scenes getting rid of blood and brains blown from shotguns ...could be good here as i have never scene scene of murder removers ...im old fashiones so perhaps things have advanced but then van schrader were sort of the solutions of today a forward and super company who are advanced in times perhaps to much advanced for the grocklers who participate in most forums ...my advice is listen learn and new things are required