Hard Tile Identification [Help]

Den Watts

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Hi all,

Hope everyone is well. Could someone tell me if this is Travertine or not? Customer has sent some pictures to price cleaning, and I think they’re travertine (I did ask if they knew but they replied “it’s a kitchen floor tile). Assuming it’s travertine, has anyone used STS on travertine before?



Andrew Evans

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Hi Den the short answer is STS is safe to use on all natural stone as it is not acidic.

That said they do not look like travertine, without seeing them properly and testing it is hard to say, and the soiling levels make visual id very difficult.

They look more like a rough slate of some sort, with that said they are too light to be normal slate but could be Chinese slate or perhaps a Sandstone.

That said again you need to visit and look carefully inspect the tiles to see if you can spot a repeating pattern as looking at the pictures I think I can see a tile repeat.

So they may well be ceramic or porcelain, in which case STS will be a good choice.
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Kevin Bates

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Hi Den,

Doesn't look like Travertine from the photos.
It looks more man made like a porcelain or ceramic tile.
With regards STS its good for cleaning all types of hard floors.
Results would be good looking at the condition of the floor.
A good rinse would be advisable depending on equipment you have?
There is a way of testing the tile to determine the type.
I.E. scratch & acid sensitive.
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Ian Hare

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They could be ceramic or sandstone, photos are very difficult to judge on screen. You need to visit and find out.
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