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Nicholas King

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We are a small group of cleaners in Bedford looking for some helpful advise! We only started a few months ago and want our business to comply with all the correct health and safety at work issues, specifically for our cleaners. I've read the health and safety at work act 1974, and completed all the required COSHH sheets but as we use a lot of chemicals for cleaning houses it's a little more complicated!

Does anyone know of a good resource that helps cleaners like us to establish which chemicals we are allowed to use and which are prohibited? We are currently using domestic cleaning products direct off the shelf and sometimes we use the products that the customer provides as we offer a discount in this case.

We want to make sure our cleaners are working in an environment that is safe as they work many hours, especially on deep cleans, using these polishes, sprays and soaps!

Much appreciate your time!
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Ken Wainwright

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Hi Nicholas and :welcome:

I don't think that the situation is as complicated as you believe.

Make sure you have Safety Data Sheets for each and every product you use and that copies are carried in every vehicle. For trade products, this will not be a problem but retail products may mean you have to chase the manufacturers for SDS. You need these SDS sheets in order to complete your COSHH assessments for every product. Once you have done this, you may need to inform your customers that an H&S audit prevents you from using their under-the-sink products (you can if you follow the above for every product but then life really does get complicated). Everyone then comes into a single pricing regime.

As for suitable products, we have a saying down here in Cornwall. RTFL.... Read The Ffffflaming Label:doh:

If you haven't done it already, have a look at the product ranges on our sister site many of the products are considered to be "Eco-Friendly" and as safe as a cleaning agent is likely to be. When you've digested that, you'll probably be totally confused, so give Eamonn a ring at Solution (number at the top of this page) and he will be able to guide you through which product to use for which task. Much of the range is truly multi-purpose and can make life much simpler, as well as safer, for the operative.

Good luck

Safe and happy cleaning:smile:
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Nicholas King

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Thanks for your reply Ken!
I was really more concerned about using our customers products, I think your right, rather than training all our staff on the products we can and can't use, it will be cheaper in the long run to just use our own! It will also make our price structure easier to follow as you said!

Much appreciate your advice, will pass your info onto our purchasing department (my wife)! She's in charge of spending and very good at it!!!!
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