Daniel Burt

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Went to a repeat customer, usually a 45min job with a nice AEG single compartment... Only to find they've replaced it with a Smeg with 4 pieces of of glass in the door.

pete ashton

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Ahh smeg run 🏃‍♂️
Had one yesterday only had 3 pieces, even though it had the corner rubbers with 2 slits for internal glass. Plus that dammed round base, nightmare.

Steven Johnson

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Yeah ex customer I refuse to do the range cookers now. Will stop doing single or double ovens now unless they was a regular. Even then if its a really bad one o would refuse to go back. At 55 and 14 years of scrubbing I no longer am capable of all the hard work it takes to clean them.

If only they has asked our advice 😕

Paul Dennis

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Its to do with heat transfer , or thats what I was told , its to keep the outside glass cooler and not burn if its touched accidentally and on some ovens that have a self clean cycle . doors are simple enough its the bottom thats a pain .

Chris Tozer

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Smeg ranges, glass comes out of right hand side oven door but you need 4 hands to get it back in with the rub corners. Left hand oven glass would come out but the retainer screw is so low to the ground it's impossible to get a screw driver small enough so cant clean. Smeg ovens are just hard, the mouldings make them more difficult though some come with removable roof trays. Reliability seems poor as most I go to are broken in some way. Rangemaster much better.