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Help... Oil On Leather... Job Lead

Rob Sparrow

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Hi everyone / Judyb
I have been contacted by a frantic customer over Xmas period, she had a postal delivery arrive and put it on suite only to find after the contents inside leaked over the chair, it is a bath oil and as you see has soaked in, I explained it is possibly an analine leather due to absorbing the liquid and may not be removable, .. Me not being leather trained yet (Ltt course booked) offered to help get advice... Hence this post..
Is this something that can be restored? I do not intend to touch this job as not qualified but can pass it to a technician if interested

Thanks in advance


Judy Bass

LTT Leathercare
As you rightly suspect it us an Aniline style leather and has therefore absorbed the ooosv

The area will need to be degreased (to extract the oils) and then there may be some need for colour restoration if the oils pull colour out.

Hope this helps
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Rob Sparrow

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Thanks Judy... If any technician covering Raunds near Rushden Northants is interested I will put you in touch with customer.

Daniel Darlow

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I though I have learned a lot, but I obviously have not yet mastered everything.
(''As you rightly suspect it us an Aniline style leather and has therefore absorbed the ooosv'')
Judy Bass...we have NEVER covered a problem with OOOSV!
Can you arrange a separate course please.:toofunny:
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Andrew Bines

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Hi Rob, Susan works in the Raunds area if you would like to get in touch. She doesn't mind grease and loves Aniline