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Paul Mc Closkey

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Hi just got this job in cream leather suite,done the training for carpet and upholstery but not the leather yet don’t want to turn the job down a lot of dirt and grease on it and she said would be happy with what I can achieve any advice much appropriate


Daniel Darlow

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With a LOT of disclaimers Paul, you can clean it.
Use Solutions Leather Cleaner or LTT's (other brands are available!)
Use soft sponges, brushes for removal, and follow instructions supplied.
The only thing you will not do is replace any colour loss without further training, you can do by looking at You Tube and a multitude of stuff which will give you a wealth of rubbish information. Sometimes especially on light colours where you think is dirt is actually colour loss, and by further excessive cleaning will only make the matter worse. By the pictures you have supplied it looks like that on the stitch line on the arms, as the customer has said she would be happy with what you achieve then go for it..gently.
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