Hep Injections

Aston Rayfield

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Ladies and Gents, it's been suggested by a nurse friend of mine that if you're in the cleaning business you should really have the Hep B jab to avoid any infections. Any opinions ?

Jacob Ward

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I have everything immunisation wise

Being a plumber......

I need to

You can work as safely and as cleanly as possible, but you cannot control other people or enviroments.

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Garry Neilson

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Yes as you come into contact with bodily fluids it is a wise move, I got mine in the prison service, also keep tetanus up to date, you never know when you will come across a hidden danger like an uncapped syringe hidden somewhere(med students are total gits for leaving their gear laying around unused that is). I have seen plenty of people with hep and other diseases and watched a friend die from hep from not taking precautions really not a nice way to go.
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