Hi gloss porcelain floor tiles

Jamie Thirtle

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I've had a message from potential customer who would like her floor cleaned.

High gloss porcelain.. they dont look dirty and she uses a bissell crosswave and a buffer to clean but she says they are always streaky..

Could this be down to using too much cleaning product and a simple clean with pink pad and sts then buff with microfiber pad ?

Thanks in advance as usual guys appreciate all the help

Florin Titiriga

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Hard to tell from the pictures but it could also be some grout haze from when they laid them. I would test patch one with sts and a brush. Clean it off and dry it with a microfiber cloth. See how it looks after.
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Jamie Thirtle

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Did a test today and it looks like grout hazel around every tile used sts 1-300 and the tile came up great but still slight haze around edges..

Shes booked the job in anyways to clean them but I really want to get rid of the haze all together for her.. would grout master be better or go for the tile master No 4 ??