Hoarder Clean

James Bealey

New Cleantalker
Hi all

We've picked up a rather challenging hoarders clean and could do with some advise on odour/insect removal. Essentially the place is about as bad as it can get, the home is several feet high in hoardings in some places and in amongst it is pet faeces and urine.

We're removing most of the carpets etc as they are beyond reasonable recovery and we need to get the place up to a living standard. The place smells really bad and there are some flies present. Have you got any advise on odour removal for during and after the clean and insect removal. I'm guessing some sort of fogger or sprays but if anyone can make recommendation it would be much appreciated. Many thanks

Lee Nicholson

Cleantalk Member
I would use a fogger with a neutraliser for the odour , there is some great odour neutralisers on hear and also on the internet.

Is all the seats and couches going as well as there me be problems in there also.