How Long Should It Take??

Eamonn nally

New Cleantalker
Hi, relatively new to this and doing it part time to see if I could make a decent living.
My question is, how long should it take to clean your average 3 bed semi using wfp
So 4/5 windows upstairs 2/3 downstairs and patio doors.
I'm using a backpack at the moment, method is clean frame, clean glass, rinse.
On all windows and UPVC doors. Then wipe cills on ground floor.
On a repeat clean I'm taking nearly 40 minutes per house!!
Am I going over the top?
I know it's a how long is a piece of string question but after a realistic time I should be doing them in.

Daniel Paton

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Fifteen minutes max on a maintenance clean. Minimum £15 job. Treat every house like a military operation. I give the frames a quick scrub. Brush along the top of the glass then along the bottom. Then 2 agitations on the main part. A quick rinse with fan jets then brush the sill to finish. A set of patio doors takes a minute or so.
Try it and wait for the bottoms drying to check your results. I bet you get a surprise.

John Dane

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Same here around 15 minutes maximum....although on a first clean I'll take up to an hour if need be to get them right but double the price of regular clean.......for a one off it's more.