How To Reverse Rippling In Rug

David Mitcham

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Have been asked by a carpet retailer
If a Axminster rug with a B-Tron facepile can be corrected from rippling after a Worcester based carpet cleaner has caused this issue whilst cleaning.The rug is approx 3.66 x 2.74 in size
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Nick Robertson-Vousden

Solution World of Clean
Hi David

Would suggest re-clean but using blocking technique to hold the rug under tension, once dampened you might get away with padding.

I would be interested to know what backing is.

Best regards


Robert Aigin

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Has this been cleaned in situ or taken away?
It looks like it could have been hung on a pole to dry and stretched, if so, re-cleaning might sort it out.
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John Bolton

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Hanging a large wet rug can indeed cause localised stretching due to the weight. In some cases this is irreversible as the entire rug would need to be stretched to match without further damage to the effected area.

To avoid this much of the water needs to be removed before hanging or the rug dried flat, at least in the early stages.

Andrew Evans

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Hi David, it looks as if the edge is rippled along the length of the rug I don't think it has stretched over a pole as it looks too near one end. Although the comments above are fair.
It is unusual that there is one large ruck then several smaller ripples.
I think possibly this is a trick of the photograph and it hadn't been laid out fully.

I would give it a few days even a couple of weeks to see if it flattens out.

Expecially with that backing, if not it may need to be re cleaned and blocked as described above.

Good luck and best wishes.

Trevor Ives

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Many years ago I cleaned a large 10x12 rug/mat and left it on the patio with a sheet to dry out of the sun.
The customer thought he would speed things up and hung it over the washing line.
It looked like a pagoda with two large peaks.
He then tried to claim off me.....
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