how to stop now shows

Neil Wilde

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Deposits would be the only way to almost totally solve it. Reminders do help too.

I've never really had much of an issue with it. I can probably count on my hands the amount of times I've had it happen in the years doing this job.

Steven Johnson

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I send a text reminder the day before each job.

As above can count on one hand the amount of times its happened in 15 years

The annoying one is when you text the day before and they say they have been called into work so won't be in. Don't even bother calling you to tell you so bloody rude.


Rolph Groth

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i use scheduling software on my website that automaticaly send emails and text reminders at bookin then at 24 hours before the job and then 15 minutes before the job and they can cancel if they need to

Gareth Hill

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As I above, I use appointfix app. This let's me send a booking confirmation text and also a reminder text the day before (you can change the template to put what you like). Only once since April have i had an issue( first she said I was a day early, then she said I was due later that day and then when those lies were exposed she said she had covid!)