How we doing thread

Mathew jones-hare

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Hi guys and girls,

Thought I'd start a tread to see how the years been, what's worked well, was been a failure?

For me, chat gtp has help hugely with the website. That's been my main focus of this year. Getting it to rank better.

Learnt to fix nearly all kitchen appliances.

Best tool, was a snap on screwdriver. Thing was well worth £90.

Worst thing was a van that died in 6 months. 3k loss on that.

Next 12 months, I plan to hit up more traditional advertising, and expanding the portfolio of stuff I can do.

I kind of want to shift onto appliance Installation more, but we will see. Van and supplier limitations.

Let me know how you all have got on. Think this could be interesting.

Daniel Nailor

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Having started out with oven cleaning, I introduced carpet cleaning. Then upholstery, then stone flooring.
Things are going great, but I'm looking to add something else to provide an income when kneeling and lifting becomes too much.