I have just come across new eco coco nut scourers anyone else useing these on ovens?

Jamie Arnold

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Thank you haven't tryed them yet my self Duncan thought I'll ask to see of anyone approves and uses them.
I no what your saying Neil selling for them.


David Lynch

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Only benefit I can see would be to use instead of plastic non scratch scourers. You wouldnt be putting a load of fragmented plastic down the drain into the water system.

Christina Daniel

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I don't think they will be abrasive enough to replace metal scourers for inside the oven. Check out my post on pumice cleaning sticks. They are a natural product and work well in the ovens.
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Chris T

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Good idea I am looking for a plastic scourer alternative, metal scourers are fine as they go to recycling.

adam mayhead

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save the metal ones for cleaning ovens and give these coconut ones to the misses so she can remove her make up at the end of the night.