Idea Of Price

Alex Hamilton

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hi guys I’m just wondering roughly what a window cleaner with a pole fed system would charge for a job like this pic attached
It’s a new build that requires cleaning before the client moves in I’ve been asked to do the general clean just trying to eat an idea of price I’m trying to find a company but no one is answering their phones at the moment


Kevin Kirk

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We’d be around 60-90 I reckon for a one off clean. Depends what’s round the back though.
Also - if labels on glass etc then wouldn’t be done with WFP.

daniel crouch

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Turn builders cleans away now lol there a pain - no chance of wfp out side as Kevin said if they need glue concrete sticker etc scraping off . £5 plus vat per window side and same again for the Inside if we get them at that we do them if not I dont care . If your doing them your self alow more time than you think you will do them in . Or get some quotes in and sub it out and make a bit on top less hassle .