Identify type of rug

Andrew Evans

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Hi David I can't see any colour bleed, I can see some fade and abrash which comes with age. Best thing to do is test all the colours by spraying some of the cleaning agent onto a white cloth or piece of kithen roll.

Place it face down onto the surface of the rug and leave it for 10 minutes or so, when you lift the paper/cloth if there is any transfer of colour then you know they are not stable.

Colour bleed would show by the black or red leaching into the lighter colours.

Hope this helps.
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David Milton

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Thank you Andrew
What is the black marks at top and bottom corner is this just the pile or not cleaned properly

John Bolton

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They look like pile-set - pile leaning away from the light will be more reflective, hence appearing lighter in colour, whereas light leaning toward the main light source will be less reflective.

A similar effect occurs in relation to the viewer - walk to the other end of the rug and the areas that were darker are likely to appear lighter.

This is traffic-related pile reversal.
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John Bolton

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Pile reversal that is anything more than temporary brushing cannot be permanently re-set. Pile that has been reversed by constantly being pressed in a particular lay will always adopt that lay.