Is foam good for cleaning

Russ Kirk

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32045 Hi. I am cleaning this tiled Victorian floor and am wondering if foam is good for cleaning? Usually my stripping detergents are low foam but I tried something different and there’s much less moisture with plenty foam. It’s seems to be doing the trick but wondered if there was a more technical reason for high or low foam. Cheers

Andrew Evans

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That may well be old seal being stripped off, there is no cleaning benefit from this and needs to be well rinsed. What have you got under the rotary is it a diamond pad?

If it had a topical seal I would expect it to come off looking like this.

Russ Kirk

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Thanks Jamie and Nick. From what you have said it seems the right cleaning agents will be suspended in the foam and continue to work on the dirt longer. It did feel like the foam patch I did cleaned very well.
The whole floor had varnish painted on it which was stripped off with Wax Off first , absolute nightmare.
Then I used my stripping detergents for the ingrained stuff old bees waxes, ingrained varnish etc.

My bad on not masking off :smile:, I did shortly after.