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Is there demand for leather restoration!?

Steven Butler

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Successfully become established carpet and upholstery cleaning and time to add a service/start something alongside. Genuinely I don’t think you could run a business just on leather cleaning but restoration is a diff game. Im considering everything but this does interest me, can anyone in the trade confirm there is money to be made?? Thanks

Andrew Evans

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Daniel Darlow and a couple of others are making a good business out of purely doing leather.

There is money in it, but it is like all things you need to market it right. I am happy just cleaning it. Time spent for pounds charged I found cleaning more profitable.

But if you have a passion for it then go for it.
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Alby Gill

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Without a doubt the demand is there for leather work.
What was supposed to be a little add on to our Carpet and Upholstery cleaning business, has now taken over, We have been booked solid for the last two weeks with colour repair work.
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Daniel Darlow

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Hi Steve.
If you were in Devon, Cornwall or Somerset, I would say there is no way you can make a buck from it.:evilgrin:
As you are in Sheffield I would say go for it BIG TIME as there is a massive market for leather so long as you broaden your mind, and as they say , and think outside the box.
If I was a younger man I would have franchised several parts of the business I am now doing and would be sitting somewhere warm, (hold on I'm in Devon and its smashing!) If you wish to PM me and I will give you some insights....real information comes at a price!
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