Is there money in regular domestic?

Den Watts

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Hi everyone,

I’m new here. But I’ve just started out (2 months in, very new). Is there long term money to be made in hourly domestic regular cleansing work? By time I hire someone we’re talking maybe £2/2.50 per hour retention for the company. Is this sustainable?

I’ve signed a few up now at £13.00ph, which is the higher end of the scale for where I am located, but I feel it’s fair in order to hire staff, overhead and profits etc.

Just wondering if anyone here can relate and what I should expect?

Thanks guys

Andrew Evans

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Hi Den I have often considered this, mainly as a way to feed the other side of the business carpets upholstery etc.

I still think it has mileage but there are a few chsllanges: top price per hour in my area would be £15. I would pay the cleaner £10 an hour.

How many clients could you service in 1 day? I think 5 at most but may be wrong.

The big thing is though cleaners, what happens when they let you down. Dont show up etc or you have to go put something right.

It isn't the sort of work I want to do.

Short answer yes there is money, but a few challanges to overcome.
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Peter Ashton

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Hi Den, welcome to the world of self employment.
I run a small domestic cleaning business with my wife, we charge £13.50 per hour. We didn't like turning enquiries away so decided on staff, running just over 18 months on the domestic side of things and have 6 staff. Each works around 60 hrs a month 15 hrs a week, this is deliberately limited in order that can cover ourselves on top of other work. It is true that it can be a minefield, you get 'that customer' in every industry. If you can judge people and follow the golden rule of don't trust anyone, you shouldn't go far wrong. I have had issues staff recently where 4 quit within a week, picked up the slack between us and have new staff starting September. By the by the staff were politely asked to spend the allocated amount of time on site which they hadn't been doing, they didn't like it and quit which saved me from "working them out". Again happens in every industry and company, but I pay well over the minimum wage plus fuel plus laundry allowance. So don't feel I am unreasonable in expecting honesty and hard work from staff, we don't advertise for work and now do around 600 hrs monthly. Play the long game if you are going to do it, and make sure you have correct insurances and a good accountant in place.