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Trevor Lalwani

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Ive been asked to qoute for general office cleaning in a large premises they would like someone in 8-5, 5days a week. Im really stuck with pricing dont want to scare away and dont want to under price for staff.

Should i charge weekly, hourly daily? No idea of cost. Any advice gratefully received.

I hope your all keeping well


Nick Robertson-Vousden

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40 hour week?? or spread across person, 2, 3 part timers, you would also have to take holidays into account. Looks more like a full time job.



Trevor Lalwani

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Hi Nick,

They are looking for someone there 8-5 monday to friday full time. I could do one full time or two part times not sure.

I would like to be able to give options to comercial customers and offer staff at set rates and consistent price structure. Per hr or weekly or contract etc

Do i discount the more hours or stay the same? Im just uncertain.

Generally i go on the basis of what i want to earn minus overheads for domestic carpet cleaning and eot cleans. But with staff and commercial arena im in need of guidance from you more experienced guys and gals.

Just want to get it right as we all have felt the pinch this will really help


Ken Wainwright

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Not my area of expertise Trevor, but general experiences plus observations of a colleague over the years. Just remember there are several ways to skin a cat.

For the size of job with just one technician present at a time, I could justifiably argue that there is not enough hours to justify a discount. This contract will not generate a lot of profit. Remember, you have to cost in for holidays and sick leave etc. Also remember that even if you cover this leave yourself, you still need to be paid for it as well as profit for the business.

It is common for a new contractor to supply new equipment such as vac, buffer, mop/buckets etc. etc. This will need to be costed too. Plus annual PAT testing or more often depending on their requirements. Do they have a locked cleaners cupboard to store equipment securely? You need to cost this over the length of either the first year or maybe the term of the contract if longer.

Will you be supplying consumables such as rest room and kitchen soaps and disposables. Will you be responsible for disposal? What about feminine hygiene?

How quickly will they pay you? You give 30 days, will they take 60?

You will need to address all of the H&S paperwork.

Be careful to not become a busy fool. Profit is not a four letter word.

Obviously, there will be other issues to take on board. For example, if your cleaner does not have their own transport, is there a bus service?

Safe and happy cleaning:smile:
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Igor liv

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HI Trevor,

Generally the way to price commercial daily office cleaning will be to first
1. Know the amount of hours per cleaner per day
2. Decide on what you want to pay your operative ( you have to take into account the location of the office and how this will inpact the staff getting to work) generally in a built up area we pay our cleaners £10.10 per our outside of london and London living wage in london)

Normally we aim at a contract cost of £18.60 per every hour worked. This allows for between

7-10% profit margin,
70% wages,
5% chemical (hidden profit here)
pat testing

I have attached one of our costing sheets for you to see how these prices a broken down.


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Jamie Biles

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Is this 'just' general cleaning during office hours. Meetings to avoid,phones in use,large amount traffic,H + S nightmare. But do-able. My school contract is 10 hrs per day but after 3. But still have after school clubs and all sorts deal with until 8/9pm. It can be very profitable. No discounts. Advise against one person. Least 2 if not 3,to allow cover by somebody knows what at and keeps you busy elsewhere. If they specify 8-5 etc suspect maybe 'dogs body' come tea-lady/maintenance man and so on. Maybe wrong but think the specification would shed light on this.
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Jamie Biles

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Also don't forget on current business model. Are you sole trader/non vat registered. Contract like this is game changer and can open whole can worms contend with. Changes in structure if takes you over threshold.
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Trevor Lalwani

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Jamie, ken, Nick thank you so much for advice and Igor the costing sheet really helps out indeed hats of again guys constructive input amd plenty of food for thought. TREV
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David McKellar

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We do more industrial cleaning but we have one 20hr/wk contract.

We pay them living wage and charge out at £17.50/hr and they supply the consumables (which is a lot of paper and bin bags, don't get stung with that, an office this size use around 15 bin bags a day. They pay recycling costs also.

Don't go in low, you will regret it and they'll never accept a quick increase