Peter oven

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Hi all. As some of you know this is my first year oven cleaning from a few months ago… I’m just a bit worried for January.

By the end of November I was fully booked for Christmas which I can’t complain about it being my first time but I’ve literally had no one book after or even enquire. Obviously I know a big factor is people want it done before Christmas but I just have a bad feeling about January that it’s going to go dry. Is this normal?

Mark Bolam

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this time of year everybody wants before xmas relax once xmas has passed bookings will come in dont worry its the same every year

Steven Johnson

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I am usually stacked out with work Jan and Feb. As you are new it will take years to build up all your repeat customers I am afraid.

Also if you are still getting enquiries even if they say they want it done for Xmas they will.probably find nobody available. Those are the people uou need to persuade to book in for January. Even if they still say no ask if you can call back end of December and see of they found anyone. You will get a few booking if you do that.

Joe Sharpe

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From my time doing this, 4 odd years, customers wanting it cleaned in Jan tend to call in Jan.
Personally the way it works for me is if someone contacts me i try to steer them into booking as soon as i can. Only December do i get a call on the 1st wanting it for say 20th and it annoys me to be honest.

So yeah I'd be annoyed people calling me in December for Jan booking. I know it'll come in Jan they always do.

As we are all different, worth noting this works for me as i do mainly regulars and don't advertise and only do 3 days. So it would differ wildly for others doing it full time and spending on advertising.