Just cleaned my kitchen out of boredom

Matthew currie

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As the title says. I’m positive for covid and this is my fifth day. Done some
LM cleaning in the house and just done the kitchen floor today (cheap imitation wood vinyl that we got with the house)
Sprayed the lot with shockwave as we have 2 dogs and a baby.
Let it sit for 10 mins before scrubbing in with my scrubbing pad on my floormac.
Has some pads soaking in acid rinse and just rung Them out and went over the floor a few times with iron man cotton pads.
Not to much moisture left towards the end so just went over with my microfibre mop.
boss result. Should see the difference between kitchen floor and utility floor!

Nathan Gale

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Shoutout covid positive crew. Mines slowly killing Me, got a bad dose of it lol

couldn’t work if I wanted to, and I’m 22

Nathan Gale

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Tested positive from a pcr about 2 hours ago. Had symptoms from Christmas Eve but bad from 1st January

Have every symptom possible apart from I can still smell and taste