Karndean Floor

Alex Sommersett

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Doing a karndean floor for one of my good customers next week, she wants it cleaned.

for a clean i’m going to use my pro35 and sts, rinse and dry (will blue brushes be fine?)

When i was last there i suspected dirt had been sealed in (they reseal every so often) so i suggested stripping a small area and resealing it so see if it’s dirt or just the patina.

They have plenty of karndean stripper and sealer if i was to do the whole floor would i be fine using my pro35 with the stripper then rinse extract and apply the sealer with a microfibre cloth and flat mop?

Thanks Guys

Alex Sommersett

Cleantalk Member
Thanks Nick, don’t have a rotary, the small patch was going to be in an inconspicuous area as a test.

Would white brushes be suitable for a clean only?