Daniel Burt

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I've had a couple of customers talking to me about their koh cleaning kit for their... Just seems like the "diamond" scourer included is too abrasive for glass, just another fad?

Nick Robertson-Vousden

Cleantalk Team
Been watching and listening Dan, but to be honest have seen more negative responses than positive to those who have tried it. Hey you can't please everyone!

Billy Marsh

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I just read up , comes with a bag! 39 pound or 87 for a bbq. 15 pound for the spray ! People who are lazy buy cheap ! For the one off user !

David Gorman

New Cleantalker
Koh is just purified water and Potassium salts. In other words Potassium Hydroxide, hence the name KOH. KOH is the chemical shorthand for Potassium Hydroxide.

Heidi Schachtschneider

New Cleantalker
Check out this demo of KOH, it's good for a laugh. Watch him fail to clean what I would consider an already clean oven (love to see this stuff try to clean some of the horrors I see!)...oddly he still seems very pleased with himself.