Lakeland tray

Rolph Groth

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I clean alot in liverpool city centre, lots of single lamonas etc, but once i park up its a pain in the ass to go back to the van especially doing ovens in high rise flats, anyway i bought a tray from lakeland to soak the racks in the customers flats, i was worried that they might think i was unprofessional but it turns out not one person has cared! i just pop in 2 aldi dishwasher tabs and while i get on with the job the racks soak and then clean up really easy. has anyone else tried this?

Remus R Lungu

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We use them for Our EOT side of business
Hot water and some caustic powder..the rakes clean themselves by the time we are finished with the rest of the clean

Terry Miles

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Ahh the big blue Lakeland trays, I have one, hot water and de greaser I put in mine and soak away. Never had a problem.

Joe Sharpe

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Perfect back up IMO.
Any non bio powder and hottest water you can get works a treat.

Most likely not the best impression to the customer but if its in the van they can't see it anyway. Plus ultimately you can turn up in the best van, the best graphics and clothing and the best dip tank....but if you don't clean the oven well they will remember that...
Effectively you could turn up with a lakeland tray on a bike and if you cleaned the oven perfectly (which is graft and knowledge) they will remember that..not the bike...

But yes impressions count for a lot but can't make up for a poor job done...

Christina Daniel

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I have the lake land tray too. It is useful as backup. But I can see it could really come into its own for a single oven in a high rise flat. Why would they mind, you get the job done quicker and it's not like you are soaking them in the bath tub!


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I have a few of the them and use with an immersion water heater when needed to get it nice and hot then use one of the spare ones as a lid.

Do dishwasher tablets actually work with little/no scrubbing?

Rolph Groth

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Paul_Simpson could you advise which immersion works best and (sorry if this is a stupid question) do you take it out when you put the racks in the water

Billy Marsh

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I just use the lift ! Disassemble , paste up . Leave scrub clean . Then go done soak , then have a break have a kit kat clean , go up reassemble . Polsh . Perfect take payment !!