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Judy Bass

LTT Leathercare
Our training course for 2020 are as follows:

1 Day Cleaning and Leather ID Course
March 9th

3 Day Leather Technicians Course
January 20th - 22nd
February 24th - 26th
April 6th - 8th
May 18th - 20th
June 29th - July 1st
August 10th - 12th
September 21st - 23rd
October 26th - 28th
December 7th - 9th

5 Day Handbag Course
January 13th - 17th
March 16th - 20th
June 1st - 5th

We offer discounts to Cleantalk members
Our 1 day and 3 day courses are endorsed by the NCCA

If you would like further details please DM your email address or just give us a call on 01423 881027.
Please book as early as possible as dates get booked up quickly.

Look forward to meeting you all.

K.O. (Shorty) Glanville

Cleantalk Member
Wish I wasn't so old, I'd love to get over there & do your handbag course.

But, alas, time is now against me.

There is a HUGE, LUCRATIVE, market for this.

Here's a very nice bag that I recently restored.

I have to go back this Saturday, (see pic), to attend to their Oriental Rugs & leather furniture.

TIP:: These people have two very large French Poodles as guard dogs.
They bailed me up at the gate, UNTIL, I went back to my van and got a doggie biscuit each.
I sat on the floor at their height, and held out my hands, just outside of the gate so they could smell the bickies.
We are now the best of friends and every time I go there, they sit at the gate, wagging their short tails, waiting for me.
& their treats. :wink: