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Leather With Vomit Stain

Thomas Wright

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Hi Everyone,

I have a customer that sent me a photo of her leather sofa, possible Aniline, that her child had vomited on. She is asking if this can be cleaned? All your comments would be welcomed.

RegardsLeather vomit  stain.jpg Close up of leather Stain.jpg

Daniel Darlow

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Doubt if that will 'clean' out Thomas.
Will need some serious restorative work by the looks of it.
If that is dark colour is 'wet' which is showing a false colour change, would need to see when dry as to how far the stain is.
If you have no training walk away, I am sure there are others on here who will advise, contact Judy Bass who would advise you.
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John Bolton

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Vomit contains hydrochloric acid, often at a high level. It can damage leather by attacking the keratin, so much more than stain treatment is likely to be required.
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Judy Bass

LTT Leathercare
Em Clean would be your first port of call to kill the bacteria and any smell that goes with it.
This may also remove some staining. Then Aniline Cleaner and Aniline Stain Remover followed by colour restoration if needed.

Hope this helps
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