Dave Byrne

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Morning all

An existing customer has asked me to have a look at their "linoleum" floor, described as having black tyre marks from bicycle repairs and marks / stains from where previous kitchen units were.

I'm wondering if STS with pro35 blue brushes and then rinsed with water via hard floor wand would be suitable?

I've not seen the floor first hand, so can only repeat the customer's description as "linoleum".


Dave Byrne

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Hi guys
Used red pad and STS, it doesn't seem to be shifting the black marks, but has left the floor with a white look. Any pointers on improving this?


Dave Byrne

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Thanks Nick

Order placed for xcalibur high gloss and also the stripper. A few places look like soiling is still present so I'll go over these again to make sure, prior to applying the finish.

The black marks could potentially be the layer beneath the colour, which may explain why they aren't improving. There is a definite texture change.