Lockdown 2021 - Are we working or not?

Jason Pagnam

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If this is anything like the first lockdown there will be a massive decline in enquiries =less work
The moral side of whether we can work safely in someone's house is left up to us
The safest option is to stay at home for everyone but this is never going to happen
Plenty of time to get this years tax return in
And plenty of time in the house with the mrs working from home and 3 kids off school again 😬

Daniel Darlow

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My days of CC'ing came to an end (by my decision last Feb, good timing)
My plan was to carry on Devon Leather Care, repairs in customers homes, cars, etc, collecting and returning stuff. From last March, due to my wifes throat cancer condition (which is although now clear I am glad to say, still is an ongoing concern due to the debilitating treatment) the decision to stop was a no brainer. I reduced ranks and retreated to base, only taking on small items which could be brought to me, isolated for 4 days before being worked on. Website rearranged, I still have constant calls emails and enquiries, but the reduction in the 'meaty business' has gone.
My pension began in September, which was a help. If I was a younger man with a situation similar I would be panicking like mad, the Government help would not cover anything. I could take out a bounceback loan but how do you repay? I am fortunate. I am not in that situation. I am not lucky.
I assure all of my customers that all goods are totally cleansed before collection, what more can you do? The real thing I miss is the rappor, the chats , the familiarities with old customers, my carbon footprint is now zilch from my 30yd walk from my backdoor to my workshop. I have taken to make various leather items to keep me busy and interested, and fortunately have sold some items, this, I think is the way I will be going.
Its been good to talk.

Josh Taylor

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Scotland has slightly different rules for tradesmen
I am in Scotland and my issue with this is those guidelines say 'for example' then list some examples. They also say 'to deliver essential work or services' is carpet and upholstery cleaning essential? Well it is to me cause no one else is paying my bills. I would also say it is if a dog has done the toilet on the carpet, the carpet or upholstery is so dirty it's a health hazard... But the majority of carpets/upholstery aren't that dirty it would constitute a health hazard, or is it a health hazard because they are dirty?

How do I get round this and provide an 'essential service? Through stating the above? By over spraying everything cleaned with Surface Shield so I can say I am providing Covid protection? I would have to do this for free as I can't just increase the price for booked jobs in an already sparse diary.

There is to much grey area around these rules in Scotland.

What is your reason behind providing an essential service and if you were in Scotland what would you do?

Josh Taylor

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That's what I mean, there are ways around it I guess but it's whether that would stand up or not! What I want to avoid is anything coming back onto the business that might have a knock on effect in the future. I guess I'm looking for someone to settle my mind 😂

Joe Sharpe

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I have literally had every booking cancelled bar one for this month and next. Wtf. And that include repeat business
Yeah getting the same thing, its not like a boiler breaking and having to get someone in.
If someone puts oven cleaning to the back of the list what can you do.
Its fair enough. I am most likely scrapping January at this rate.

The other issue i have come across is not so much the obvious covid issue, but the kids at home.
Having kids at home is putting people off having someone cleaning the oven.
Where do most kids sit down to home school?
The kitchen these days, biggest room in the house.

Jason Pagnam

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It's going to be a long time until things get anywhere near back to normal
Closing the schools hasn't worked as people have just sent kids in anyway claiming to be key workers
Most food places are open inc pubs cafes for takeaway food
Think it's only hospitality and nails/hair that are actually shut
Roll on the next government grant
Lockdown was much easier in the summer 😪

Joe Sharpe

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I am just submitting my tax from 2019-2020. First year as an oven cleaner.

I haven't been eligible for any help for self employed and wondering of i will now?

I can get universal credit and possibly putting my car business insurance to use and doing amazon flex deliveries.

Paul Gemmell

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Joe, £90 a week UC probably awaits !!!

I’m similar and that’s what I got last lockdown.

But fingers crossed this is the last one because I cannot handle my house changing colours too many more times 😂😂

Andrew Evans

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Yesterday I made the decision not to work until things have eased a bit.

What has prompted this decision is firstly a job I was going to today telephoned yesterday to say someone in their household has the first few symptoms.

I now know several people personally who have tested positive and 3 have died with Covid 19.

It is causing stress and anxiety for my wife.

But the cherry on the cake was my last job yesterday which was in a shared house, everyone was nervous of me being in there and I was nervous about working there.

At the end of the day you can always earn more money, you can't earn more time.

Hope everyone stays safe.

Darren Paterson

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I haven’t worked at all since lockdown
The last job I attended in early December the whole family were in the house.
With no masks nothing shocking really And so it’s not surprising we are in this situation.
I asked them all to go upstairs politely of course before I could do the cleaning.