Magic Eraser used on Altro Flooring

Martin Cavana

New Cleantalker
Can anyone help.

My apprentice used a Magic Eraser to remove some old paint slatters from a kitchen Altro floor. It removed the paint ,however, it has left white resiidue rub marks where it has been used!! The floor is heavily soiled so there is a chance that it is just that the floor is cleaner in the areas he has spot cleaned but before we start cleaning the entire floor, does anyone have any solutions?


Martin Cavana

New Cleantalker
if it is abrasion can anything be done to repair/lessen the damage? Do you think cleaning the floor will make any damage caused less noticeable? Any solutions would be really appreciated!

Martin Cavana

New Cleantalker
Also, does anyone know if there is a restorer that can be used on Altro flooring once it has been deep cleaned and, would this help? Looking for a quick fix , as my poor apprentice is stressing out!

Jacob Ward

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Jacob, I've got some altro commercial to demo clean soon, what pad would you use on it or would you crb? I've got pro 35 with blue brushes or rotary at my disposal
I'd go for the pro with blue brushes Lewis

Primarily because its easier to do a good square sample area.

Both machines would do the same, the rotary wouldn't do well with corners etc

If its an engineering place you can spike your sts with a bit of nitro for that extra grease removing kick.