marble table

Chris Powell

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Hi all

I have a customer with a marble table and her grandchildren have used a Sharpie on it.

Can anyone recommend a way of safety removing it?

Thanks, Chris


Jon Chrimes

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If that doesn't work you can buy a neat biscuit tin sized pack of hand diamonds through Solution's ( Tile Master kit) . That would sort it.

Thomas Wright

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As recommended by Jon above, but may need dealing with by a hand polisher with diamond pads either start with a 200grit (maybe lower) thru to 3000- depending on what level of shine is requested, finish with a, say, TM 'all in one' sealer or their CPL sealer. The table looks dull, so if the customer just needs the marks removing then the cheaper option would be to use hand diamonds as suggested above or a hand polishing machine with a low grit (100-400). But overall, having removed the marks the table needs to be of a uniform grade of shine. And I would highly recommend a seal for any marble- especially a table.