Marks & Spenser 100% Jute


Tony Woods

Hi guys,
any advice on how to go about cleaning this 100% Jute rug from M&S. It says on the label to use a mild carpet shampoo, Im thinking thorough vacuum, Mpower, light brush, not sure about water extraction though?

John Bolton

Cleantalk Team

The level and type of soiling will influence the choice but your method is an acceptable one, though I would rinse with either Final Phase or (better) Crystal Rinse.

Another approach would be to use an encapsulating shampoo such as Fusion Clean. Agitation could be either with a CRB with soft brushes or by hand with a tampico brush.
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Tony Woods

thanks for the input guys...... i sprayed a light mist of fusion clean, then sprinkled some dry compound on. Came up ok just.