Massive error on sheepskin rug

Wayne Boardman

Cleantalk Member
I can't believe I've done the following.. whilst on a job, customer asked me to do a grey sheepskin rug. No problem went for the SPM sprayed away etc. It's turned blue/green in places. I know what I've done and I've grabbed the shockwave by mistake and just can't believe the stupidity... anybody got any advice. (Customer is a regular and said don't worry about it..but I am).


Peter McDougall

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Maybe it's just the photos but it doesn't look that bad. I know you're bothered about it but if the customer isn't then just consider yourself lucky on this occasion and be extra vigilant going forward.

James Shepherd

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Go back and try a rinse of crystal rinse or final phase

A few tests should show you how to restore it
A few tests would have showed how to avoid it.
If the grey has yellowed it will produce an olive or bluish hue..
Basically it's potentially scorched.
No amount of acid rinse is going to cure it.
There are solutions to this but not economically viable to the value of its replacement.
I can only hope the colour is restorable due to other external reasons.