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Milk Smell

Ian Morton

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...this the problem with milk spillages, it often penetrates further than you think beyond the surface fabric...

This is particularly often the case with automotive spillages which sometimes means that the only way to remove the residual milk and the bacteria feeding off it and thus creating the unpleasant odour is to strip the interior affected down to the floor pan where the milk can find it’s way and pool or solidify within the nook and crannies in the floor pan metal work and thus the car continues to hum...

Total removal with the bacteria feeding off it with solve the problem...using a powerful enough cleaning product with containing a biocide...

Christopher Walters

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@Ian Morton

thanks for your reply

Any particular product you have used with a Biocide you could recommend ..?

Im going to rinse the affected area next week with my Jag and I’m still wondering what would be the next best product going forward once rinsed

Ian Morton

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...the product I use in automotive decontamination is a proprietary one available only to members of the network I belong I can’t recommend it to you forbids reasons...

you should consider using Solutions’ Prozyme Plus which I’ve used in my automotive work recently on a Hyundai i10 that suffered from a cat urinating and defecating through a wicker basket onto the offside rear and driving seat (long story...) and the product I used after using my biocide loaded product to deal with the urine issue and cat market spray odour was Prozyme Plus mixed warm (to activate the enzymes and bacteria in the solution) and liberally spray over the seats to allow the Prozyme Plus to penetrate and then let the enzymes and bacteria in that product start to digest whatever they encountered in the fabric and seat foam below...

Great product..,

or you could try using Solutions ACE another enzyme based product...

Judy Bass

LTT Leathercare
As has been said the odour and whatever has caused it can penetrate far deeper than you expect.
Unless you actually reach the source of the odour with your product you will not get rid of the smell.
Em Clean is a fully tested product and is as good as anything out there as long as you reach the source.
It is also the product used by the automotive industry to remove odours!

Hope this helps

Christopher Walters

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with respect is this forum not a discussion forum...?

I took the advice from Jacob and Judy and bought EM clean

I didn’t have the budget to buy additional product as you mentioned in the early stages of me asking.

with this in mind I wanted further advice / help with my process and if something else could be done.

I am simply asking Having used 1/2 a litre of EM clean and the Odour is still present what else can be done / how long roughly would it take to fully eradicate

I’ve asked on this forum and to be frank feel that I cannot ask anymore..?

Not to worry but thanks all the same

John Bolton

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I think I made it clear enough that regardless of product used, it had to get to the problem area - ie. injected rather than topically applied. This advice seems to have been ignored.

Alby Gill

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How much milk has spilled onto the fabric? A glass full? more?
You may not be treating the total source of the smell. As advised by John you need to inject into the padding. I would also advise at this stage tipping the couch and removing the dust cover (some have zips these days) and treating from underneath the contaminated area.

Christopher Walters

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Your advice hasn’t been ignored however I have been told by a reputable leather specialist not to inject padding as it can create more problems and shouldn’t be done and so I’m really not sure who and what to believe when it comes to injecting leather

when I purchased EM clean I spoke with Judy and she didn’t advise this stating just to apply to the affected area wo the Product and leave it on there

I don’t have any syringes or Prozyme and nor would I have feel confident having had conflicting advice injecting into a pad having never done this before.

multiple visits I was told would be of benefit which I have done and left product with customer also for him to apply.

regarding the milk, their toddle has over a period of around 4 months they assume has been putting his milk bottle on the seating cushion and they assume it has been dripping bit by bit over month down the back of the cushions

I have lifted the sofa and applied the product to the underneath also

I’ve only come back asking for further advice as I’m now thinking maybe a good rinse would be of benefit and reapply a product such as ACE or EM Clean again and leave it do it’s thing.

It was a simple bit of further advice required that’s all and didn’t expect or want a blunt reply yesterday.

Alby Gill

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Maybe if you had supplied that little piece of information you omitted in your first post, like baby milk been dripping over a four month period you might of got a simple reply earlier.
I thought it was a one off spill. I'm sure others may of had the same opinion.
It would appear now that the contamination is far bigger than first thought.

Just a thought, Is it possible the baby milk bottle is still being left to drip, re contaminating the same area over and over again.

Christopher Walters

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Maybe if I was told that information from day 1 I would have told you from the start.

Please Don’t assume I’ve withheld information

Alby Gill

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Chris, But since you have found out you didn't update us till this morning.

It does appear that your customer with holding information hasn't helped their situation.
And it begs the question, what else might they be withholding. Had they used any other products to solve the problem before calling you. Has there been further spillages since you last treated it.
I still agree with advice already given that injecting the grey fabric areas into the foam will resolve the issue. you can get syringes on ebay or your local chemist.