Minimum Required For Rug Setup

Steven Butler

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I do loads of rugs, picked up cleaned and dropped off but I’m at the point where a unit maybe a good idea. I’m not in a position yet to invest in rug-centrifuge, rug badger etc but any suggestions on a basic set up? Obviously drying ideas, racks etc
Appreciate any advise from people who have similar.

Max Campbell

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What's the point of a unit if you don't get a duster and a centrifuge? I would have said they're the basics. You can pay for a duster and a grid from earnings, and although we struggled for a while without a spinner, I wouldn't want to try that again. The other thing is a good de-humidifier in a sealed room.
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Ian Morton

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...suggestion of the day: use a vibrating radial machine like the Excentr 43 or TileMaster 40 travelling and vibrating over the rug across a thickish polythene membrane type plastic...vibrating the soil out of the rug...Simples...!!!