New Mytee Products

Mark Roberts

Solution World of Clean
The old type plastic ones went yellow but like the Sapphire it's made from nylon resin. The Americans (who love blistering heat) have been running this for over a year, not read any problems - quite the opposite, they all rave about it.

Graham Townley

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Matthew I think they had just exhausted there current stock of Sapphire's they are still going to sell them i just opted for mytee as seem to be getting a lot more upholstery work

Matthew Dixon

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Was shocked to see the mytee machines on the site mind @Christopher Mc Donnell , to me the Jag and Cub still seem a no brainier especially when used with Solutions Solutions. I read shed loads of info about the upholstery tools too and going on opinions I read from across the pond as Ed would say the Saphhire seems to win it with use over time, I.e longevity.

Glad they had run out of stock @graham townley that must mean they are still the business! :trophy:

John Bolton

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I understand that the reason for stocking these machines is that the demand for the Jaguar range has been consistently high, frequently outstripping supply. The availability of alternative products facilitates those whose requirement is urgent .

Ken Wainwright

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To add further, you may have read elsewhere on CleanTalk about my experience with the Mytee Dry upholstery tool. First time I used it I was disappointed, but that was down to me trying to use it like my Sapphire. After using it again earlier this month and in a better way, I now quite like it. I'm sure that come February I will find it as natural to use as the Sapphire:thumbup:

For me, the biggest draw back of the Sapphire has been the plastic glides. Soooo easy to damage on a zipper. Mytee have addressed this with the more durable stainless steel glide:trophy:

As for the two extraction machines, I have used them both. The Mytee Lite is perhaps a little larger than most dedicated spotting machines but not by much, but is a truly practical and versatile machine and I'd have no problem using it on upholstery or small or poor access carpet jobs either.

I first used a Mytee Speedster many years ago and on occasions since and my opinions of it haven't changed. It is the best performing 2 x 3 stage machine I have ever used.

It seems obvious to me as to why Solution would want this range of equipment on World of Clean
Safe and happy cleaning:smile:

Mair Hunt

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Great review Ken :smile:, we love the sapphire Nick supplied, but yes you need to be careful around the zips, as we have learnt lol. Nick is certainly a versatile supplier as Kev and I know to our advantage. Best price on a Truck Mount, Best price on a Mytee spinner, best price on a cub and a jag....ok the last bit is a given lol. My advice to posters is forget the solutions website (meant in a good way Nick and Mark) but if you want anything call Nick, he not only will be able to supply it, but will cheaper than anyone else, with the added benefit of Nicks amazing customer service, plus when you visit solution towers you get a big hug. (ok that was prob just me):lol: