New Natural Odour Neutraliser

John Bolton

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Another new product exclusive
to Solution UK Ltd

Natural Odour Neutraliser

A blend of natural oils and perfume agents, which can be topically applied, added to rinse agent or used as an air treatment ( by spray or fogger ).

Not only does it give immediate relief from problem odours but also has anti-bacterial properties.

Even where no odour problem exists, one or two squirts on the trigger in an average room provide that extra freshness - even counteracts that 'wet-dog' smell of newly cleaned wool.


Steve Carpenter

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Can also be added to pre-sprays when cleaning carpets and upholstery, including M-Power. It can also to added the rinsing cycle of your HWE, or low moisture system at a ratio of 1:1000

John Bolton

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Yes Joe,

It is a concentrate and a couple of squirts in an average lounge after cleaning a wool carpet will mask the 'wet dog' odour during the drying period. What I especially like is that it is neither a 'perfume' nor 'flowery' nor 'lemony' smell but a slightly spicy 'freshness.

Jim Neal

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It smells like Old Spice!

I recently treated a couple of sofa cushions that a customer's son was sick on. I used M-Power at 1:80 with a long dwell first of all, then thoroughly rinsed out. Then re-applied M-Power plus my existing odour neutraliser and left to dry the rest of the day. It still smelled quite bad, os rather than take it back I treated it for a third time and left overnight.

Although improved, it wasn't 100% and even a week later when I went back to inspect there was still an odour there.

I'll nip back in with some of this new stuff and see what it does.

John Bolton

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For the type of problem you describe I would recommend a bioenzymic digester such as BioGreen.

The micro-organisms in the product will digest the odour-causing contaminants even within the pad. The problem is that if the item has been treated with a biocide that is still active, then the 'friendly' bacteria may not survive.

Steve Carpenter

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Hi Shaun,

Yes it is, but is slower working than either M-Power or Clean-Guard.

Rinse the carpet well with warm water and apply Bio Green diluted up to 1:20 with warm water. Wet out the face fibres, agitate and allow the solution to dwell for 30 minutes. Then rinse and post apply Bio Green again, allowing the bacteria to work overnight on any residual odour.

It may still need repeat treatment if the odour is persistent though.

It’s worth taking into account the invasive nature of this problematic spill, and identifying/highlighting the contaminated area. This can be achieved by smell, or with a UV light.

Also, due to the fact that urine is 4x wetter than water, it may be necessary to treat backing, remove/replace underlay, treat flooring and the sub floor etc.



Jim Neal

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I've just got back from doing some carpets in a care home. Yes, some of them were very fragrant! They were all various sorts of low-profile polyprop.

I pre-sprayed with M-Power at 1:80, brushed the hell out of it with my rotary and left a 20 minute dwell in each area before rinsing out.

Then after about 15 mins I sprayed up again lightly and went over each carpet with the bonnet.

I applied about 8-10 squirts of this new Old Spice stuff in each room, so I'll see how it's worked when I speak to the manager next week :smile:

Jim Neal

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Manager's gone on holiday, inconsiderate git!

Nick are there any plans to supply this product in bulk? I've used over half of this spray bottle already, it doesn't work out very economical at £24 a litre!

Is it suitable/been tested for use mixed in with M-Power as prespray? I'd quite like to use it in that way for jobs such as the care home or doggy carpets like the one I did today. I'm guessing you'd need a ratio no leaner than 1:50 in order to get the right effect.

Nick Robertson-Vousden

Solution World of Clean
Hi Jim

Sorry for the delay in replying, Yes we can supply in larger quantity,

5 litre size works out £33.00 + vat

And Yes you can use in in conjuction with M-Power although I would add to the rinse tank, 1:50/1:60 would be the righ ratio to work with, depending on the severity of the malodour of course

Hope this helps

Best regards Nick

Jim Neal

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Brilliant, cheers Nick :wink:

I've just "spent" over 4 grand paying off a business loan early so I'll have to order some next month, got a bit of a negative net profit issue for August!

stuart clark

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To be quite honest, when I use M Power it seems to remove the wet dog smell you normally find when cleaning wool carpets, I used to spend a fotune on deodourisers when using conventional detergents!!

Jim Neal

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Just done a job today for a customer who's recently divorced. Her ex was a heavy smoker and she described him as "very sweaty" :sick:

The suite and house in general had a very bad tobacco smoke odour.

I used M-Power at 1:80. On the suite, Minitex's tampico to agitate and then bonnet off after a 15 minute dwell. On the carpet, 20 minute dwell, extract and then sprayed up both the carpet and upholstery with natural odour neutraliser. She was over the moon when I went back round to settle up this evening :wink:

She's having me back to do the upstairs carpets and also do the mattress because she says it smells of him. Nice...