Neff hide and slide door

Tom Wainwright

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Well. Today I had a nightmare one at my first job. Usually I’m very competent in taking the door off and stripping down (I have one in my kitchen) but this one wasn’t playing ball and every thing that could’ve gone wrong, went wrong.

The slider under the oven was falling apart and kept coming off the rail. I think there was a lot of wear and tear on it. Anyway finally managed to get it working again but advised the customer to be careful and maybe act on the warranty.

With that all being said, it was a good lesson and I really learnt the mechanics of it all and understand it better.

Part of me wants to refuse taking the doors apart in the future because I don’t want the stress of that again....I assume they’re expensive to fix. The other part of me feels way more confident about them now.

Swings and roundabouts

Steven Johnson

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Yeah I have had the rollers come off on me. Like you said it does make you understand how they work. Last one only took me a few mins to sort out.

I don't mind doing them now. I find them pretty easy to be fair. I think the secret is to wiggle the door slightly when you think you have locked it and check it is actually locked before attempting to lift the door off.


John Allton

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I ask the make and then explain the issues that can occur with Hide & Slide and that i dont usually remove the door but if they insist then i have the choice 1. dont do the clean 2. Remove door as per customers wishes but admit no liability should things go wrong, Because usually even after explaining the issues the customer will still say it was ok before to touched it.

Chris Tozer

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I have had the roller and bar at the base come out of the v shaped bracket. I found a few people have done it on the Internet and it's nothing to worry about. It's 40% reading the manual, 40% experience and 10% black magic. The trick I found is to wiggle the door when putting back on until it drops on to the bar. I had one recently where the handle doesn't twist, still worked the same way.

malcolm copsey

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Been told by my customers that I'm the only oven cleaner in this area that will touch H&S door ovens, I explain that there are some issues with cleaning these units because of their complexity and generally they except the risk have had things fall apart but a few mins thinking about what's happened and can usually sort it out ok:woohoo:

Billy Marsh

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I agree with Neil , I just found when they come up I just practise on the job in hand I give my self time and I never had an issue. Any oven can give u an issue to be honest