Neff Self Cleaning Oven

Alastair Shields

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I cleaned two of the above in one premises today for a customer who has just bought the house. In both cases the shelf supports and shelves themselves were in a pretty shocking state as you can see from the picture. The pic was taken before removal and cleaning but they looked almost exactly the same after a spell in the dip tank. I think they've been left in the oven during the self cleaning cycles and the owners handbook explicitly says they should be removed. It had me scratching my head for a while though - it's not very easy to see but there's a definite blue tinge to the parts - exposure to very high temperatures and consequent blueing? Anybody agree or disagree?


Jacob Ward

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Only racks to be left in if at all are the grey ceramic coated type

Heat damage there

Over time the now abrasive chrome may wear the chrome shelf rack rails out.


Steven Johnson

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I had a customer that left the racks in her sneg oven when it was in the cleaning cycle.

They are now all tarnished. It does say in the manual to remove all the racks.