New build, builders and sparkle clean pricing

William James

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I have recently quoted a client, for a clean on a new build property.
the complex held 18 apartments
I quoted a flat rate of £58 for the 2 beds , £55 for the 1 beds and £50 for the studios. As they have just been completed this included things like internal window cleaning (removing paint from the glass) removing dust and debris, polishing, wiping marks of skirting boards ect.
In this price I included the cleaning of the 6 communal areas and stairs FOC, the Client was a bit uptight and seemed like the job was massively overpriced, although I have a relative within 25 miles from me who owns a cleaning company who said it’s massively under priced in his opinion due to the amount of work which needs to be completed.

with the right to work law, and modern slavery act how do people expect you to clean and pay your staff £8 per hour, it’s the modern age, everyone is entitled to a decent salary and this shouldn’t be affected due to clients not being happy with rates.

How do you price your builders and sparkle cleans?
per hour or flat rate

Joe Hatton

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Whether you charge by the hour or a flat rate does not matter, it’s what you charge being correct that matters
Are you differentiating between a builders clean and a sparkle clean? Or are the prices you quoted what you charge for a builders clean and a sparkle clean.?
To me there is a big enough difference between a builders clean and a sparkle clean to warrant different charge. Builders clean demands a higher rate, paint drips, plaster splash etc.
I would not include anything FOC, why would you do that?

You have seen the job, how many hours would you be doing for the rates charged. Just £3 more for 2 bedrooms over 1 bedroom. That’s about 10 minutes of work for the second bedroom! Really! At just £3 more for one bedroom it’s either you are massively over charging for the first bedroom, or massively undercharging for the second bedroom.

Joe Hatton

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Sparkle clean, actually I only did sparkle cleans, never wanted to do a builders clean (my names Craft not Daft). That tells you something.
Builders clean, after a new house/flats put up and builders finished, what do they leave…….. a mess, plaster blobs on skirting boards, internal window ledges, door handles, door facings, the floor. Dust every where, tops of doors, every crevice there may be. Paint blobs here and there. That’s a builders clean. Tough.
Sparkle clean, move on some time, houses start being sold and new purchaser moving in on Saturday. Sales office will want a clean house to hand over, so internal windows throughly cleaned, all door facings (and tops of doors) to be dust free, same as with skirting boards, inside kitchen cupboards/brush cupboard has to be spotless, kitchen and bathroom taps sparkling, floors vacuumed, everything must “sparkle”. I enjoyed sparkle cleans, but like I said I never touched a builders clean. Work smart, not hard. (though I did get a swet on……. occasionally).

David Radley

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We do post construction cleans in and around London, we price for builders and sparkle and sometimes a third clean all together, competition is high in town, we can, and as a ballpark figure charge from £280 up to £310 for a 2 bed apartment new build, this is for both cleans.

As the builders clean is real in-depth as Mr Hatton above mentions this usually takes the most time as builders don't care about the cleaning company. We also clean external windows as they strike down the scaffolding, at an extra cost for logistics skilled labour.

Then the sparkle clean is all about the detail hence Sparkle.
One lesson I learnt was to not quote cheap as if you get more contracts with the same company they expect the same pricing.

Remember your RAMS paperwork has to be site specific, and all staff on site should be CSCS carded and most sites also want an SSSTS black hat at all times. this is extra costing plus lots of other factors plant machinery, safety ladders, hop ups 110v hoovers etc all push your price up.

Sorry for long post