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New Enquiry.

Daniel Darlow

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There has been shed loads of various enquiries since Xmas.
Bags, Jackets, Upholstery, Car Interiors. Rocking Horse tack.
But I do like the quirky...:evilgrin:
Being dropped off to me Friday....further posts to follow.:nocomment:
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Daniel Darlow

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100+ year old Lederhosen.
Family heirloom, traditionally made from Deer.
All OK until put into a glassed frame which has caused its own Micro climate and has caused Mould spores to develop.
So another step children, into the Weird and Wonderful World of Leather..............20180406_125618.jpg
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K.O. (Shorty) Glanville

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Apart from the staining, the spores may also have pitted the leather.

It will also eat the fibres about half way on Suede material.

When cleaned, these fibres tend to fall out and leaves a bald area, similar to a dog with Mange.

Many times though, these can be restored successfully.

This is a Georgio Amani partially restored that I did well over a decade ago.

Mould in Armani 2.jpg

Mould in Armani 3.jpg


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