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Nick Robertson-Vousden

Solution World of Clean
Imagine ...
A machine that only takes 10 minutes to service,
a service that you needn't worry about,
something that happens almost on its own,

Something we take care of, the work the shipping
and all for a small monthly amount, that's less over the year then you spend on normal wear and tear.

Sound interesting??

More to follow, including pictures

Best regards


Ken Wainwright

Cleantalker Veteran
From our experiences of service and quality coming from Piskey Land, we all know that the new Solution machine is going to be a great performer within it's specification.

But this new line is more than just the machine. It's a totally new concept in lifetime ownership.

My big decision will be which will serve me better. Jaguar? The Piskey Pastie:confused:

Short of actually owning one, the first viewing may be at the next training course.

Safe and happy cleaning:smile:

Ed Valentine

Cleantalk Member
"we all know that the new Solution machine is going to be a great performer within it's specification."--Lord Wainwright
That statement alone reminded me of my first several Transatlantic phone call conversations with young Sir Nicholas of Cornwall. I will never forget those conversations in that he was very much on top of his game and his desire for innovative products which would offer his company the edge and really help the professional carpet cleaner. And, if we fast forward to today, his attitude has never changed. Calm and cool, he has surrounded himself with many truly great individuals like Lord Wainwright above, and many many others.

BTW, he also displays a great smile now that he is happily married!!!!

best to all;
Ed V

Nick Robertson-Vousden

Solution World of Clean
Introducing the brand new i-Xtract range
from Solution

available in 50 litre capacity

i-Xtract 1.0 2 x 2 stage 5.7 vacuum motors.350 psi pump

i-Xtract 2.0 2 x 3 stage 5.7 vacuum motors.400 psi pump

i-Xtract 3.0 2 x 2 stage 6.6 high performance vacuum motors. 800 psi pump

i-Xtreme 2 x 2 stage 6.6 high performance vacuum motors. 800 psi pump, with auto feed and auto dump

10" stair climbing wheels

Easy loading wheels

EMS "Easy Maintenance System"
This is covered under an annual maintenance agreement, every 6 months we will exchange all working components of the machine you have only a 10 minute switch over to your new unit, with vacs pump, reg valve, power cords plugs, electrics all being changed. Monthly fee applies minimum terms 12 months. Transport also covered under the EMS agreement.

Machines supplied branded carrying your company decals etc to promote you

ORDERS BEING TAKEN NOW. and I may post another picture soon !!

Designed in Cornwall
Built in Cornwall
By Solution Cornwall UK Limited

Best regards