New New Stainless Steel Pump Sprayer

Nick Robertson-Vousden

Solution World of Clean
Currently en route this new high quality 6 :Litre Stainless Steel Pump Sprayer

A limited number, and at a very good price for those who are interested supplied complete with 2 nozzles one for pre-spray and one for Protector

Order Yours Now for only £138.00 + vat

Please email your order to

Orders will be first come first served basis

Best regards


Kevin Loomes

Cleantalk Member
I saw one of these new ones in the flesh today, very nice bit of kit indeed - certainly on par with Gloria's.

Apart from the manual pumping action it also has an extra fitting to use a compressor/footpump to get pressure if required.



Ian Harman

Cleantalk Member
I've purchased one of these and its great. Well made, works well and the plunger fits (and you can screw it in) every time. The gloria's tapered thread tended to irritate me. Nice piece of kit and great value for money. Even comes with some spares!